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RCE carry out all Domestic and Commercial Sweeping requirements

In the UK alone between 2010-2011 there were 9,900 Chimney fires- a 4% increase on the previous year

In Essex alone in a 3 year period 26 serious house fires were caused by the chimney catching fire.

The majority of insurance companies require certificates of sweeping from qualified chimney sweeps, they may well refuse A claim or severely reduce your payment, if your chimney has Not been maintained to the required standard, this will also Fulfil land lords mandatory safety obligations regarding oil gas, and solid fuel.

RCE has at there disposal the traditional method of Rod and Brush and Power Sweeping.

Whilst the majority of the flues can be power swept there are a few older style chimneys which can only be done with Rod and Brush, to maintain there integrity. Our qualified Engineers will assess which method would be applicable on his visit

Recommended Sweeping Requirements

It is recommended that is normal use chimneys should be swept as follows:

Smokeless fuel - Once a year
Bituminous - twice a year
Wood burning appliance - 4 times a year (when in use)
Gas & Oil - once a year
Carbon Monoxide

All fuels produce carbon monoxide, every year numerous people die from CO2 poisoning.
We will clean your chimney and test for smoke evacuation as standard. Should you require a CO2 alarm this can be purchased from us at the time.

CCTV Inspections

CCTV Inspections are an extremely important part of chimney and flue diagnosis, and it enables our qualified personnel to ascertain the condition of the flue, quickly and effectively with little or no disruption to your property

Who May Require Our Services

Insurance Companies
Landlords (pre- rent inspections}
Letting Agents
Domestic Users
Thatch Roof Properties
Housing Associations

We can carryout a thorough inspection and evaluation of your

Flue system for your piece of mind